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We are innovative, sustainable, long haul oriented pharmaceutical company bridging together scientists, medicine producers, health care professionals and patients to provide best medicines for those in need.


About us

ICG Farma

ICG Farma was established in 2008 in the Baltic states. Company has been one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical wholesalers in the region since then.

Successfully performed operations, strong business relations and reliability have helped ICG Farma to build a sustainable business foundation, which allows to plan growth and ensures that the highest quality products will be competitively priced and delivered on time for those who need them every day!

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Our Services

Pharmaceutical wholesale

Over the past 15 years we have developed long lasting, close and sustainable relationships with our partners.

While working together we have met and overcome their highest expectations and delivered health solutions for those in need everyday.

We have the best expertise in European stock supply to the wholesalers, pharmacy groups, hospitals, private hospitals, specialist clinics, clinical trial and healthcare providers.

ICG Farma is a wholesaler of a wide range of veterinary supplies and medicines.

We deliver quality medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products for house pets, poultry and horses.

Furthermore, ICG Farma deals with a wide range of well known beauty brands and cosmetics from Europe and overseas.

For additional information and requests please contact

Donatas Suchorukovas

Regulatory affairs services

Preparation of Applications and files for:

  • Granting marketing authorization (via national, DCP and MRP procedures)
  • Renewal of marketing authorization
  • Variations type IA, type IB, type II
  • Changing the classification for the supply of a medicinal product
  • Transfer marketing authorization
  • Changes of labels and/or patient information leaflets (Article 61(3))
  • Granting marketing authorization for parallel import
  • Variation for parallel import
  • The common Baltic package procedure
  • The common Polish and Lithuanian labelling procedure
  • Granting marketing authorization for homeopathic medicinal product according to Article 14 and 16.2 of 2001/83 (EC Directive)

Review and modify SmPC, package leaflet, labelling texts and Mock-ups of the labelling texts

Monitoring of regulatory submissions

Submission of PSURs

Preparation, review and submission for approval of additional labels (stickers)

Representation of the marketing authorization holder in Lithuania

Review and submission of marketing material for approval

Notification of food supplements, foods for special medical purposes

Registration of medical devices


Pharmacovigilance  services

Management of pharmacovigilance data

Procession of suspected adverse reactions (ARs) and follow-ups (collection, translation and forwarding of information to MAH)

Reporting of adverse events / reactions to Lithuania competent authorities

Literature monitoring

Monitoring of local literature on adverse events

Performance of medical devices vigilance

Additional services

Acting as a local contact canter for Lithuania‘s health authorities

Consulting partners regarding pharmacovigilance and regulatory activities in Lithuania (management of budget, time-lines and submission planning)

Update on changes of local legislation

For additional information and requests please contact

Donata Korvel

Clinical trials

We provide full service to fulfill your clinical trial supply requirements and reduce logistical burden: starting from various medicines supply, ending with special transport options and storage facilities for cold chain products.

Our clinical trial supply chain management experts are uniquely positioned and equipped to offer the most comprehensive, end-to-end, clinical supply chain management service in the industry and supply medicine for people in need everyday.

  • Forecast and simulation
  • Label development and regulatory vetting
  • Inventory management
  • IRT medication management
  • Temperature services
  • Bulk drug management and other services
  • Initiation of trials and specialized clinical programs
  • Pharmaceutical services

For additional information and requests please contact

Donatas Suchorukovas

Named patient program

Named Patient medicines provide the access to patients and physicians to commercially approved medicines that are not available to them in their own country. These medications must be approved in at least one country, from which it can be imported into the patient’s country under the NPP program.

In cases when medication/drugs are:

  • Approved but not yet commercially available to be prescribed in the patient’s country
  • Approved and available in one country but not approved and available in the patient’s country
  • Discontinued in the patient’s country but not another
  • In shortage in the patient’s country but not another

For additional information and requests please contact

Gintautas Barcys

Orphan drugs program

ICG Farma has attained a significant role in orphan drugs supply, as their sales have skyrocketed in recent years. We were happy to provide help for thousands of patients in EU. If you have any requests, our dedicated team of both medical and regulatory experts with practical experience and deep knowledge of this challenging sphere will be ready to help.

For additional information and requests please contact

Gintautas Barcys

Medical devices

Medical Devices in the European Union make a significant contribution to the overall health of EU citizens, they also represent over 1/3 of the global marketplace. ICG Farma offers a complete range of medical devices and can take care of their supply.

If you have any requests, our dedicated team will be here to assist you.

For additional information and requests please contact

Vytautas Jurkšaitis

Let’s work together

Welcome to ICG Farma

We are innovative, sustainable, long haul oriented pharmaceutical company, which within 15 years of presence have bridged up pharmaceutical distribution channels between Western and Eastern Europe.

Looking for a new business possibilities in pharmaceutical field? Please contact us.

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