About us

We are innovative, sustainable, long haul oriented pharmaceutical company with over 15 years of experience in supplying health for those in need.

Why consider us as a partner?

ICG Farma was established in 2008 in the Baltic states. Company has been one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical wholesalers in the region since then.

Successfully performed operations, strong business relations and reliability have helped ICG Farma to build a sustainable business foundation, which allows to plan growth and ensures that the highest quality products will be competitively priced and delivered on time for those who need them every day!

Our license


Who do we want to be?

We aim to become a commercial healthcare entity bridging together scientists, medicine producers, health care professionals and patients; the first choice for those seeking innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.


Why do we do it?

We contribute to the improvement and maintenance of health: we supply essential medicines and medical devices to our partners; we are continually improving and expanding our supply chains and range; we systematically innovate and look for sustainable business opportunities to provide medicines for those in need.